Mexican Picadillo con Papas Recipe

Mexican Picadillo con Papas - likeinmexico

Every household in Mexico have their very own Mexican Picadillo Recipe, it’s the same with Carne con Chile the recipe varies all over the country.

Picadillo con Papas | Mexican Picadillo with Potatoes

Makes: 4 servings and bit extra
Time: 40 min (mas o menos)


  • 1 1/2 pounds Ground Beef
  • 1 Potato, Peeled and Chopped in small cubes.
  • 1 Carrot chopped in small cubers (optional)
  • 1 tsp oil (I used olive oil)
  • 1 Medium size white Onion, chopped.
  • 2 Garlic Cloves, minced.
  • 5 Tomatillos, husk removed, cooked and chopped (Bring water to boil and add tomatillos, tomatillos are ready when colour change to brighter green)
  • 3 Jalapeños, cooked and chopped in small pieces.
  • 1 tsp Cumin
  • 1 Chicken bouillon
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

    How to Make Mexican Picadillo con Papas: 

  1. Bring Water to boil and cook the potato (peeled) (15 min) Set a side, let it cool and chopped.
  2. Heat coconut oil in a pan and brown the ground beef, working in batches add ground beef to pan and cook until browned, seasoned, remove excess of oil and set a side.
  3. Using same pan where ground beef was browned add onion and garlic until fragrant.
  4. Add to the onion, garlic, ground beef, potatoes, carrots, chopped tomatillos, chopped jalapeños, cumin, half chicken bouillon, water, season with salt – pepper and stir well.
  5. Let it boil for about 5 min then reduce heat to medium – low and let it simmer for about 20 min / until almost all liquid is absorbed. Taste and if need add salt & pepper.
  6. Serve with Mexican Rice and warm corn tortillas and avocado on the side
    * I love taco nights, and I often prepare this Mexican Picadillo con Papas.
    Kept it simple, add a splash of lime, salsa verde, bunch of spinach and a bit of shredded chihuahua cheese as the photo below. It’s a bit of Tex-Mex taco style.*Jalapeno pepper can be substitute for serrano pepper, poblano pepper, cuban pepper, any pepper of your choice!*Here is another  Mexican Picadillo Recipe
Mexican Picadillo con Papas Recipe
Taco de Picadillo con Papas, Salsa Verde and Spinach
Picadillo @likeinmexico
Sope de Picadillo con Papas, Queso y Salsa Verde

Buen Provecho, Enjoy!

Valeria V.

Chicken Tacos TexMex - Tacos de Pollo TexMex

Chicken Tacos TEX-MEX | Tacos de Pollo TEX-MEX

*This recipe might not be 100% Authentic Mexican BUT it’s full of awesome flavours “Tex-Mex”, it comes with a tangy sour twist and on top of everything it’s healthy! This is my perfect recipe/meal for those busy days, like today.

TexMex Chicken Tacos - Tacos de Pollo TexMex

I didn’t have  lot of time neither the energy to prepare Tinga de Pollo or Cochinita Pibil de Pollo, like I had planned (in my mind)so I came out with this Easy and Tasty Chicken Tacos Tex-Mex Recipe.

If by any chance you are looking for a quick and easy recipe to feed a big crowd, this is a great option. If you are making it for a party, try to use small corn tortillas, it’s nicer presentation and are almost a bite size. In Mexico we call those small tortillasTortillas para Taco.” In fact in Mexico is very rare to buy or make tacos with a regular size tortilla , although isn’t very easy to find Tortilla para Taco outside Mexico; lucky me, I found them here in MTL.

TEXMEX Chicken Tacos | Tacos de Pollo TexMex

La Receta: 

Makes: “up to 15 tacos” using tortilla para taco and one cooked chicken breast (shredded)
Prep time: 20 min (if using rotisserie chicken)


– 1 Cooked Chicken Shredded Breast (you can use rotisserie chicken without the skin)
– 1/4 to 1/2 cup Hot Sauce Franks Original or Chicken Wings (depends how spicy you like your tacos!)
– Olive Oil (tbsp)
– Garlic (minced)
– 1/2 Onion, cut in thin half rounds
Corn Tortillas 
– Sour Cream and/or Plain Greek Yogurt – to taste
– Cilantro (finely chopped) for garnish
– Salt and Pepper – to taste
– 1 Lime cut in Quarters
Salsa (to taste since the


1. Cooked chicken and shred. Set a side.
2. Using a medium size fry pan, heat oil, cook onion and garlic until fragrant and onion are transparent.
3. Add Shredded Chicken and cook for about 5-8 min in a med-low heat, taste and if need, add salt and pepper to taste.
4. Warm up tortillas and wrap them in wax paper if you have.
5. Time to Start Preparing the Chicken Tacos. Take a tortilla and put a generous amount of chicken.
6. Garnish the tacos with cilantro, sour cream and add lime to taste and if need or want add extra salsa!

Provecho, Enjoy!


Recipe by Val | likeinmexico ©


The recipe today will bring the Mexican flavour to your casa in an Easy, Fast & healthy way. No need to be an expert in the kitchen to prepare this meal in a matter of 15 minutes is perfect for any occasion, as snack, lunch or dinner.
This Tuna Tacos + Salsa Guisada will take you to a full Mexican experience in just one bite.

Tuna tacos and salsa guisadaSalsa Guisada
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Lime and Pepper Fish Tacos + Pico de Gallo

Summer 2014 is going fantastic! Amazing hot weather here in MONTREAL with tons of festivals, Concerts, movie films around the city, and many other stuff, don’t know if you know but Montreal is a very multicultural city where you have 2 official languages, French and English and I just simply love it! Specially during summer.

Although I haven’t been so active with LIKEINMEXICOYou might  not want to know why, but I’ll say it. Because I’ve been watching the WORLD CUP BRAZIL 2014 !!!! My favourite teams are out of the world cup unfortunately, obviously my team was and is MEXICO  (that btw #noerapenal).
I supported all the South American teams, and today I go for Argentina, is the last South American team in the World Cup and I want the cup to stay here in America! (sorry, did I tell you I am a big fútbol/soccer fan? are you a soccer fan?

As I’ve been watching the World Cup, I have prepared different Antojitos/Appetizers to accompany during games, and here is one the many I’ve prepared.

Lime and Pepper Fish Tacos + Pico de Gallo 


I love this recipe because it brings many Mexican flavours together, first lime and pepper with a touch of the Authentic Salsa Pico de Gallo plus Basic Salsa.

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Steak Street Tacos Style [Tacos de Carne Asada] + 5 de Mayo Tacos Ideas

Steak Street Tacos Style [Tacos de Carne Asada]

I can eat tacos todos los días , no question at all. Do you?
If you wonder why I can eat tacos everyday here is the answer and is very simple, because there are so many types of tacos! Although, that does not mean I eat tacos every day, but could do so LOL

Tacos may sound simple, but I believe tacos are VERY versatile, and are almost like a fiesta! Mira-Look… tacos are good as a quick snack, appetizers, fast and furious full meal, feed big crowds, kids love them and adults drool for them… you should make tacos soon, don’t you think?

Don’t forget the classic way of prepare #AuthenticTacos. Add finely chopped white onion along with cilantro, splash of lime,  and of course la salsa, Remember … a taco without salsa is not a good taco. The salsa does not have to be spicy, it’s just to give an extra flavour.

Since #5deMayo is just around the corner, why not to get some inspirations for those who celebrate in a very Mexican way. Note: In México do not celebrate May 5 as celebrated in the U.S.. While it is a memorial day for the Batalla of Puebla (battle of Puebla) which took place on May 5 of 1862 near the city of Puebla During the French intervention in Mexico. The battle ended in a victory for the Mexican Army over the French occupying forces. But it is no cause for celebration in Mexico. The day Mexicans (in Mexico) celebrate is the day of the independence of México and that day is September 16.

Here is a list of tacos ideas and to show you how many different tacos exist:

1. Tacos de bistec/ Steak Tacos (Recipe Below)
2. Tacos al Pastor
3. Tacos de suadero
4. Tacos de Barbacoa
5. Tacos de Adobada
6. Tacos de Pescado/ Fish Tacos
7. Tacos de Camaron
8. Tacos de Guisado/ Stew Tacos (ex. poblano strips, shredded chicken, potatoes with chorizo, picadillo, Nopales con Huevo, etc)
9. Crispy Taquitos/Taquitos Dorados
10. Tacos de Tripitas
11. Texmex Tacos
12. Tacos de chorizo con queso
13. Tacos de cachete /pork cheeks tacos
14. Tacos de Costillita/Short Ribs tacos
15. Tacos de Canasta
16. Veggie Tacos (ex. Hibiscus Flower tacos, Mushrooms,cactus, Roasted Vegetables, etc)
17. Tacos de Chilorio
18. Tacos de Frijoles con Queso

See? This is the reason why I can eat tacos everyday, there are so many varieties. Don’t you think? and Adding a side dish to the tacos like rice, beans, guacamole, salad, quinoa (just to mention a few) makes a perfect meal.

Steak Street Tacos Style {Tacos de Carne Asada}

Steak Street Tacos Style / Tacos de Carne Asada
Salsa Verde + Cilantro and Onion
Salsa Verde
Steak Street Tacos Style all dressed

Steak Street Tacos Style Recipe

If you ever had tried #AuthenticTacos – Street Tacos in México, you know better know that street  tacos are a different category, another dimension, I mean, are the best! with it’s unique and special flavour, but … If you haven’t tried Mexican Street Tacos, well you must prepare this Steak Street Tacos Recipe.
The secret for this Steak Street Tacos Recipe is the quality of the meat, I’m not using a lot of spices… This recipe calls for very few ingredients, so no excuses to don’t make your own tacos!

Serves: 6 people
Prep Time: 30 min


Steaks Tacos
– 2 Steaks Prime Sirloin
– 2 Steaks Rib Eye
– 1 Pinch of cumin (for each steak/each side)
– 1 tbsp cooking oil or lard
– Salt and Pepper to taste 
– Corn Tortillas or flour Tortillas
– Limes
– Cilantro and White Onion, finely chopped (a must)
– Guacamole (Optional)
Salsa Verde or Salsa of your choice (a must)


1. Make sure to take the steaks out of the fridge 10- 15  min before start cooking

2. Rub the steaks with pepper, salt and cumin. Let the steaks rest/marinate for 5 – 10 min.

3. Pre heat on high heat a cast iron skillet or a grill and add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil or lard.

4. Place the steaks and cook for 2 min on one side and 3 min on the other side (depends of the thickness of the steaks, it may vary between 2 min and 3 min per side) Tip: to keep the steaks warm, wrap them in aluminium foil.

5. Let the steaks  rest for 1 – 2 min and cut diagonally across the grain into thin strips, then chopped them in small cubes.

6. Warm up the tortillas in the comal or another skillet, wrap them in a clean kitchen towel or wax paper to keep tortillas warm and moist.

7. Prepare the tacos, add 1 or 2 tablespoon of the chopped meat in the tortilla and place on the table salsa, guacamole, onion, cilantro and limes.

Buen Provecho!

Viva Mexico! Viva la Mexican Food!