Con el antojo de un Clásico Caldillo Durangueño

Craving for a Classic Caldillo durangueño?
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Let me show you my beautiful country, México

No olvidemos lo bonito de México. No olvidemos que entre tanta impunidad y desgracia que pasa en nuestro país – en mi país, también hay cosas bellas e increíbles del cual nos debemos sentir orgullosos como Mexicanos.
Déjame mostrarte algo de lo mejor de México.

Do not forget the beauty of México, do not forget that among such impunity and unfortunately that happens in our country – in my country, there are also beautiful and amazing things of which we should be proud as Mexican.
Let me show you some of the best in México.

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¡Viva Mexico!

Traditional Mexican Antojito: Taquitos Dorados – Crispy Tacos

Authentic Mexican Antojitos: Taquitos Dorados – Crispy Tacos

Toppings: Potato, Beans and Shredded Beef with Lettuce, Cream and salsas


This authentic Mexican Antojito, “Taquitos Dorados” are addictive! I do not take any responsibility if you can not stop eating.

A Mexican classic, so classic that we buy in the corner stands. Taquitos Dorados are the kind that you say, “I can not eat just one.”

Taquitos Dorados with Lettuce, Mex Cream, Tomato, Onion and Salsa.
Taquitos Dorados with Lettuce, Mex Cream, Tomato, Onion and Salsa.

About the Taquitos Dorados.

Also called taquitos dorados or flautas, these differ from other kinds of tacos in that, they are rolled around a filling and fried until hard, the fact is that Tacos and flautas is the same, flautas or taquitos dorados, must be prepared with tortilla for “tacos”, an oval tortilla and slightly thinner than normal tortillas, for example here. 

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