Chicken Tacos TexMex - Tacos de Pollo TexMex

Chicken Tacos TEX-MEX | Tacos de Pollo TEX-MEX

*This recipe might not be 100% Authentic Mexican BUT it’s full of awesome flavours “Tex-Mex”, it comes with a tangy sour twist and on top of everything it’s healthy! This is my perfect recipe/meal for those busy days, like today.

TexMex Chicken Tacos - Tacos de Pollo TexMex

I didn’t have  lot of time neither the energy to prepare Tinga de Pollo or Cochinita Pibil de Pollo, like I had planned (in my mind)so I came out with this Easy and Tasty Chicken Tacos Tex-Mex Recipe.

If by any chance you are looking for a quick and easy recipe to feed a big crowd, this is a great option. If you are making it for a party, try to use small corn tortillas, it’s nicer presentation and are almost a bite size. In Mexico we call those small tortillasTortillas para Taco.” In fact in Mexico is very rare to buy or make tacos with a regular size tortilla , although isn’t very easy to find Tortilla para Taco outside Mexico; lucky me, I found them here in MTL.

TEXMEX Chicken Tacos | Tacos de Pollo TexMex

La Receta: 

Makes: “up to 15 tacos” using tortilla para taco and one cooked chicken breast (shredded)
Prep time: 20 min (if using rotisserie chicken)


– 1 Cooked Chicken Shredded Breast (you can use rotisserie chicken without the skin)
– 1/4 to 1/2 cup Hot Sauce Franks Original or Chicken Wings (depends how spicy you like your tacos!)
– Olive Oil (tbsp)
– Garlic (minced)
– 1/2 Onion, cut in thin half rounds
Corn Tortillas 
– Sour Cream and/or Plain Greek Yogurt – to taste
– Cilantro (finely chopped) for garnish
– Salt and Pepper – to taste
– 1 Lime cut in Quarters
Salsa (to taste since the


1. Cooked chicken and shred. Set a side.
2. Using a medium size fry pan, heat oil, cook onion and garlic until fragrant and onion are transparent.
3. Add Shredded Chicken and cook for about 5-8 min in a med-low heat, taste and if need, add salt and pepper to taste.
4. Warm up tortillas and wrap them in wax paper if you have.
5. Time to Start Preparing the Chicken Tacos. Take a tortilla and put a generous amount of chicken.
6. Garnish the tacos with cilantro, sour cream and add lime to taste and if need or want add extra salsa!

Provecho, Enjoy!


Recipe by Val | likeinmexico ©

Enchiladas Verdes de Pollo – Green Chicken Enchiladas

Enchiladas Verdes de Pollo - Green Chicken Enchiladas.
Enchiladas Verdes de Pollo – Green Chicken Enchiladas. ©

What are Enchiladas?
It is a semi fried tortilla bathed in a (red , green, and bean mole ) sauce is filled with any ingredient (chicken, cheese and onion, shredded meat, chorizo and/or potatoes, etc) and then rolled up like a skinny burrito.

There are three basic methods of making Enchiladas

1. The first method is where the tortilla is lightly fried then dipped in a chile sauce warmed then filled and rolled .
2.The second method dips the tortilla in ” raw” sauce then lightly fried , filled and rolled .
3.The third method is semi tortilla fried, stuffed , rolled and finally the hot sauce and cheese is added.

How to make Chicken Enchiladas Verdes – Green Enchiladas with Chicken

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Tasty Chicken Fajitas Recipe- Fajitas de Pollo Receta

Classic of classics Chicken fajitas or Fajitas de Pollo with guacamole and a good Salsa sounds scrumptious, don’t you think?

Chicken Fajitas - Fajitas de Pollo
{Chicken Fajitas} – {Fajitas de Pollo}

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Turkey a la Mexicana!

Turkey a la Mexicana with salsa verde de aguacate.
Turkey a la Mexicana with salsa verde with avocado

Don’t know what to offer as snack to the guest? Here one option! It doesn’t take more than 15 min to make it, honestly.

Turkey a la Mexicana

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Chilaquiles Verdes con Pollo- Green Chilaquiles w Chicken

Chilaquiles w chicken and salsa verde.
Chilaquiles w chicken and salsa verde.

Any time, any day, Chilaquiles are gonna be always good.
Commonly eaten for brunch this Mexican traditional Dish “Chilaquiles” are basically fried tortilla with salsa, chicken, cream, cilantro and onion, Chilaquiles can be made with Salsa Roja or Verde, definitely is a very easy but delicious.

Authentic Mexican Antojito Chilaquiles Verdes


Half bag of Totopos : Natural unsalted Tortilla Chips or Fried Tortillas
1 cup shredded chicken (seasoned with salt and pepper)
1 cup salsa verde
1/2 cup shredded cheese (I didn’t have shredded cheese, so I use fresh cheese)
1 tbsp Epazote*
1/2 cup Cream or Sour Cream or Natural Greek Yogurt
Chopped Cilantro
Chopped Onion
Salt and Pepper to taste.


Pre-Heat oven to 350•F
1. In a large skillet on medium high heat add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and the ‘totopos’, warm them up until a bit more brown (aprox. 2 min) (tip: don’t let them get burn) set aside.
2. Using another skillet add 1 teaspoon of olive oil add the salsa verde, let it simmer for about 5 min, add the epazote, check salt and pepper.
3. Meanwhile get ready with the Shredded chicken, cream, onion, cilantro and cheese.
4. Add the salsa Verde to the Totopos, bring the skillet to medium heat, mix the salsa and totopos well without breaking the totopos, for last add the chicken and mix (tip: don’t let the Totopos get soggy)
5. Bring all together to an oven safe plate and add the rest of the ingredients (cilantro, onion and cheese)
6. Place the chilaquiles in the oven for about 5 min, until cheese is melted.


Note: If you would like, replace the chicken for scramble eggs, both versions are luscious 😉

Ready!  Serve with beans and coffee.

Buen Provecho 😉