The recipe today will bring the Mexican flavour to your casa in an Easy, Fast & healthy way. No need to be an expert in the kitchen to prepare this meal in a matter of 15 minutes is perfect for any occasion, as snack, lunch or dinner.
This Tuna Tacos + Salsa Guisada will take you to a full Mexican experience in just one bite.

Tuna tacos and salsa guisadaSalsa Guisada
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Lime and Pepper Fish Tacos + Pico de Gallo

Summer 2014 is going fantastic! Amazing hot weather here in MONTREAL with tons of festivals, Concerts, movie films around the city, and many other stuff, don’t know if you know but Montreal is a very multicultural city where you have 2 official languages, French and English and I just simply love it! Specially during summer.

Although I haven’t been so active with LIKEINMEXICOYou might  not want to know why, but I’ll say it. Because I’ve been watching the WORLD CUP BRAZIL 2014 !!!! My favourite teams are out of the world cup unfortunately, obviously my team was and is MEXICO  (that btw #noerapenal).
I supported all the South American teams, and today I go for Argentina, is the last South American team in the World Cup and I want the cup to stay here in America! (sorry, did I tell you I am a big fútbol/soccer fan? are you a soccer fan?

As I’ve been watching the World Cup, I have prepared different Antojitos/Appetizers to accompany during games, and here is one the many I’ve prepared.

Lime and Pepper Fish Tacos + Pico de Gallo 


I love this recipe because it brings many Mexican flavours together, first lime and pepper with a touch of the Authentic Salsa Pico de Gallo plus Basic Salsa.

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“Healthy” Fish Tacos Recipe / Tacos de Pescado Receta

Fish is a good alternative to prepare tacos, it’s healthy, yummy and very easy to cook.

I’ll show you my way to prepare easy and fast fish tacos. One of the best things of all of this is that my Fish Tacos Recipe is very HEALTHY! I mean, no oil, no frying, no mayo breading, no butter.

Healthy Fish Tacos

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Los Cabos #2 + Baja Style Tacos Recipe


I will not lie, but when we got to Los Cabos, I was dying to eat good tacos with a good tasty salsa, lime and salt 😉

When we got to the hotel in Los Cabos, first thing I asked the bellman was: Do You know where we can go eat some good tacos? – Those what we eat here? He asked me, – Yes! I mean Authentic tacos, a good taco stand/taqueria I said, by now he knew what I was talking about and, since we were in Los Cabos we had to try out the famous Baja style tacos.
Later the bellman explained to us how to get to one of the best seafood taqueria in Los Cabos – Los Claros.

Fish Baja style Tacos

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