Chorizo con Papas Receta – Mexican Chorizo with Potatoes Recipe

Mexican Chorizo + Papas - Mexican Chorizo + Potatoes
Mexican Chorizo + Papas – Mexican Chorizo + Potatoes

I just posted the recipe to make Mexican Chorizo|Homemade. Don’t know if you are wonder, and what I am gonna cook with the chorizo? well, here is one of the most easy, traditional, tasty recipe using chorizo, Chorizo con Papas which means chorizo with Potatoes.

La Receta – The Recipe: Mexican Chorizo + Papas – Chorizo + Potatoes


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Mexican Chorizo Recipe|Homemade [Chorizo Casero]

I don’t live close to a latin store here in Montreal, most of stores are on the other side of town 😦 and I’ve been asking around my area for Mexican Chorizo at the butchers shops + super markets and no success… so I started looking for Mexican Chorizo recipes instead.

I’ve been trying different Mexican Chorizo recipes, but no happy with the results so, after my trial and error, adding/removing some ingredients, finally got my own recipe/adaptation of Mexican Chorizo. Something very important, is incredibly easy to make! at first I thought it was going to be more complicated, but not at all, is super easy and fast to make, although… I don’t use casings, (I haven’t found casings in Montreal) I use small plastic bags to store it in the freezer and then take little by little, so most of the time I have chorizo for those craving days.


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