How to make Salsa Verde de Tomatillo

Salsa Verde ©
Salsa Verde ©

You wanna know how to make the famous salsa verde? Here the recipe.
This salsa is multifaceted, i mean can be use for almost everything!! Goes very well with chicken, quesadillas, seafood tacos just to mention some dishes.

Easy recipe for the classic Salsa Verde (tomatillo)

Salsa Verde:
5 Jalapeños
Tomatillos (green tomatoes)
1 Small bunch of Cilantro
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 very small piece of cilantro


1. Bring water to boil and place the jalapeños and tomatillos, when are cooked  (colour must change to lighter green) place them in a blender with the onion, cilantro, small piece of garlic and salt, mix together, and Ready!
Notes: the consistency of the salsa verde, depends of your taste, could be made chunky or smoother, is up to you.

Buen Provecho!


Carne con Chile {Beef Short Ribs} Recipe|Carne con Chile {Costillitas de Res} Receta

                 Authentic Carne con Chile “Short Ribs” “Costillas de Res”

Carne con Chile - Short Ribs

It’s cold outside… damn cold!
The Low temperatures just have said hello to Montreal, we just got a snowfall mix with rain, so outside is a big mess!! Yes… slushy mix and splashing everywhere, but the temperatures are going down hill, so that means it’s gonna be a skating ring all over the place! Ice, Ice baby 😉
I don’t like it so much and I wish it was just powder snow to play outside with Lola (my dog) in the snow, BUT… what am I gonna do?! It is what it is… so let’s enjoy the cold weather with warm drinks and food, no?

As I told you before, Carne con Chile is one of my favourites “Authentic” Mexican Dishes! simple, fast and full of flavour! Although this time took me a bit more time than usual, because I made the Carne con Chile with Beef Short Ribs!!!!

Beef Short Ribs, in a sentence: “Short ribs” make delectable winter eating, don’t you think?

When I started cooking, I was lost with the meat cuts.
I had to learn the differences between french, english and spanish and to date still a bit confusing… but if you are in the same situation I was here is some info for you:

1. Beef short Ribs are larger and usually more tender and meatier than their pork counterpart.
2. Beef Short Ribs are good for stews (braised), BBQ (grilled)
3. How can you cook Beef Short Ribs? You have many alternaives like, Slow cooker, Oven, Roast, Grill, the result? delicious tender braised short ribs 😉 yum yum!!

In this recipe I am using one of my favourite ingredients in mexican salsas, “Tomatillo” (toe-ma-tee-ohs) commonly call Tomate Verde (Green Tomato) considerate a basic ingredient in Mexican Cuisine. Tomatillos are green and about the size of a cherry tomato, the inside is meatier than any other tomato, they grow to maturity inside of a husk and  the husks are inedible and should be removed before use. Tomatillos are very easy to cook with because they don’t need to be peeled or seeded. Their texture is firm when raw, but soften when cooked. Rinse before using as the tomatillo is covered by a sticky substance. Do not peel the green skin!! 😉
Where to buy tomatillos? I guess in any latin store or farmer’s markets. Continue reading “Carne con Chile {Beef Short Ribs} Recipe|Carne con Chile {Costillitas de Res} Receta”