How to Make Carrot Ginger Soup in 30 minutes – Crema de Zanahoria

I got the cold and it’s not fun.
Already 3 days with the damn mild cold, and the only thing I feel eating are soups, but I don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I guess this has happened to you.
Also happened to you to have one of those days you don’t have enough energy to cook a big meal, OR different scenario, is almost lunch or dinner time and you are in panic mode because you don’t know what to cook!! but one thing is clear, you want a warm, cozy and yummy dish in a winter day like today. So here I show you 2 recipes, to be make in just 30 minutes! No more panic mode and no more take outs!

Carrot Ginger Soup in 30 minutes

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Are you vegan? Vegetarian? and/or Gluten Free?

Recently I start getting more nosey with vegan-vegetarian and gluten free recipes… *I am no vegan, *I am not vegetarian, but I do like to eat and cook healthy and eat some gluten free food, why not give a chance to try some of the vegan-vegetarian-gluten recipes?!

Here some Inspirations 

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I also found this amazing website, check it out!


I will start trying them out and of course posting them in the blog 😉

ig and clementine salad with balsamic.
Fig and clementine salad with balsamic. ©

Have a nice day!

Val 😉

How to cook “Poblano Pepper” “Chile Poblano”

Visiting one of the markets in the city I got the great surprise to find “Poblano Peppers” I couldn’t believe it! First because, living out of México is quite difficult  (sometimes) to find certain products, and Chile Poblano {Poblano Peppers} is one of them! And best of all the market is very close from my place!! 😀

Chile Poblano
Poblano Peppers – Chile Poblano

What is Chile Poblano?

The poblano is a mild chilli pepper originating in the state of Puebla, Mexico. Dried, it is called a chile ancho “wide chile”.
Poblano pepper is one of the most popular chilies in Mexico.There are many ways to cool them, include: dried, coated in whipped egg (capeado) and fried, stuffed, or in mole sauces. A dish called “chiles en Nogada”, that Incorporates green, white and red ingredients according to the colours of the Mexican flag. This may be considered one of México ‘s most symbolic dishes by its Nationals as well as the dish call “Chile Relleno”.

Chile Poblano

After being roasted and peeled (Which Improves the texture by removing the waxy skin), poblano peppers could be either be preserved by canning or freezing. Storing them in airtight containers keeps them for several months. When dried, the poblano Becomes a broad, flat, heart-shaped pod called a “Chile Ancho” (meaning “wide” in Spanish); From this form, it is ground into a powder Often used as flavouring in various dishes.

Note: “Poblano” is Also the word for an inhabitant of Puebla, “mole poblano” Refers to the spicy chocolate chilli sauce Originating in Puebla.

Does not take long to do the rajas poblano, and requires very few ingredients, you can use them for a “taquiza” – “taco fest” tamales filling (this are absolutely one of the best) , tostadas, chalupas, quesadillas or melted cheese with poblano strips.

Appetizer "Rajas de poblano con Queso"  "Strips of Poblano with cheese"
Appetizer “Rajas de poblano con Queso”
“Strips of Poblano with cheese”

Then, start with ingredients.


4 poblano chilies
1/2 medium onion, chopped or sliced.
2 tomatoes, diced.
1 medium clove garlic
1 cube of chicken bouillon
salt and pepper to taste.
Oregano (optional) takes a very rich flavor with oregano.

Garlic, Onion, Tomato, chicken bouillon, oregano.


1. We started roasting chiles on a griddle (unless you have a griddle and are using gas stove, you can take the poblano chile with a fork and put it directly on the fire spinning to be fully toasted everywhere) If you are using the griddle, well simply put the poblano chiles on the griddle turning to be toasted on all sides.

Roasting Poblano Peppers.
Roasting Poblano Peppers

2. When are completely roasted poblano chiles on all sides, remove them from griddle and put them in a plastic bag, let it sit for about 10-15 min.

3. Remove the poblano chiles from the bag and began to peel them, chop them into slices, remove the seeds.

Peeling Poblano Peppers
Peeling Poblano Peppers

4. Already having everything ready, warm up a frying pan, add a little oil (I use olive oil) first add the onion, sauté a bit then add the garlic, let it cook for at least 5 min, do not let the garlic burn, because it takes a bitter taste.

5.Immediately add the poblano rajas, sauté a bit, like add the tomatoes and finally our chicken bouillon cube and pinch of oregano.

6. Let cook for about 15 minutes and voila! You can add shredded cheese and the truth is that they are delicious.

Poblano Pepper Strips
Poblano Pepper Strips

Poblano Pepper Strips with Cheese
Poblano Pepper Strips with Cheese

Join them with red rice, as an appetizer or just in a quesadilla.

          Buen Provecho!