“Healthy” Fish Tacos Recipe / Tacos de Pescado Receta

Fish is a good alternative to prepare tacos, it’s healthy, yummy and very easy to cook.

I’ll show you my way to prepare easy and fast fish tacos. One of the best things of all of this is that my Fish Tacos Recipe is very HEALTHY! I mean, no oil, no frying, no mayo breading, no butter.

Healthy Fish Tacos

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Chickpeas Salad – Ensalada de Garbanzos


Chickpeas Salad
Chickpeas Salad

Mamá, ya me gustan los Garbanzos!!

When I was a kid, I used to hate chickpeas, specially during Lent {Cuaresma} in Spanish. Although with the time I started loving them, experimenting a bit with few recipes to the point I can’t live without them!
This is a very simple yet delicious Salad, perfect for any time and any occasion. It’s more likely a Mediterranean Salad, this time is not a Mexican dish, but… Who cares!?

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